The opaque story of the oblivious herd

We welcome you to the opening of The opaque story of the oblivious herd this Friday 14th of October, 17-21.
The address is Heimdalsgade 6a.
The exhibition is open from Friday: 17-21 Sat 12-16 and Sun 12-15
The opaque story of the oblivious herd brings together selected perspectives on the deceptive nature of conscious awareness. The works examine verifiable truths through a veil of ambiguous narratives and biases. Glimpses of recognizable images shape and direct our frames of reference, lending an impression of coherence and common understanding. Navigating within the imagined herd of collective conscience may, however, reveal illusions. Providing us with imperfect fragments of the larger context, this exhibition examines how vulnerabilities are exposed as our experience widens and understanding possibly grows. The artists work in a variety of materials and media, encouraging us to be mindful of their inherent possibilities and restrictions.
Highlighting the contrasts between individual and collective perception, The opaque story of the oblivious herd challenges us to question our structures of understanding and their resilience. Each work represents an individual component to the collective narrative, inviting us to take time to look and reflect on its place within the larger contours of our common experiences. Together, the selected works explore the allure of this unevenly rounded narrative and question its possible instability.
The exhibiting artists are Billie Meiniche, Helena Tan, Eigil Bakdal, Emma Bojsen, Maria Lindeblad, Cengiz Güdücü, Anný Djurhuus Øssursdóttir, Mie Mo.
Curated by Mie Mo og Anný Djurhuus Øssursdóttir.
Text by Ulrika Christine Skadhauge.