TOFU.collective ‘The elsewhere that i long for’

Tofu Collective is happy to invite you to the vernissage of ‘The Elsewhere that I Long for’ – an exhibition by Yi Ten Lai at Springbrættet 6a!
17:00: Welcome
18:30: Audio performance: Musique concrète set #1 by Jacob D. H. Mundt
19:30: Performance: Mamá y papá by Yi Ten Lai
20:30: Audio performance: Musique concrète set #2 by Jacob D. H. Mundt
About the artist:
Yi Ten Lai (b.1996, Bailén, Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the transculturality of materials, sounds and symbols to question the notion of cultural and national belonging as a Spanish (Andalusian) and Chinese (Hakka / Hongkongese) descendant. Rooted in the examination of contemporary iterations of traditional crafts and rites affiliated to her multicultural background as an integral modus operandi, Yi Ten Lai conjugates objectual pieces – such as drawings, decollages, oil paintings, ceramics and sound installations – with performative elements flirting with the rhetorics of rituals.
Musique concrète performance by the artist’s partner Jacob D. H. Mundt is based on audio samples from Yi Ten Lai’s ceramic production.
‘The Elsewhere that I Long for’ can be experienced until Dec 30.
We will serve wine for all the guests on the evening.
The exhibition is supported by S.C.Van foundation and Snabslanten.