Bettina Willnauer

Our next exhibition is with Bettina Willnauer. At this solo exhibition you will see a knit project installation, that we are looking forward to show you.


The exhibition „Real Intimacy in Virtual Happy Hours“ shows a knitted dreamland series presented on hand shaped sculptures by Bettina Willnauer. They pose the questions „What is real intimacy?“ „Is there intimacy at distance — purely virtual?“. These questions are examined in drawings translated into knitted artworks to wear or to hang on walls.


Bettina Willnauer (*1994) is working as a visual artist and designer in Vienna. Her practice finds expression in various areas such as painting, textile and installation. Studying at the University of Applied Arts Vienna as well as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen influenced her way of working with bold color compositions, blending the boundaries between art and design as well as experimenting with shapes and materials.

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    Bettina Willnauer

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