You have gladly been invited for the exhibition nobody has asked for; the opening is Friday 18th of November from 17-21.

The exhibition is only open for 3 days, so hurry up before it is gone:

Saturday 12-17

Sunday 13-17

Tuesday 12-18



”Why am I even doing this?” is the first solo exhibition by the Danish artist Rasmus Niclas Rose Nielsen, where he will be showcasing new paintings and sculptures/readymades.



Why am I even doing this?” is both a continuation of the themes and topics Rasmus Niclas Rose Nielsen has been working with since 2015, while also being another chapter in Rasmus’ development of unfolding different sides and artistic approaches of his subject matter of relations.

The exhibition shows a more pubescent look into a romantic relationship taking the childish approach of grasping for straws and fighting for not letting too much go of the youthful “I” that can disappear in the cobweb of the growing up “Us”, and in the setting of this showing the transition into adulthood whilst the inner child fights back.

Rasmus has dug deeper into his own nostalgia in this exhibition by including and bootlegging mascots from his childhood.

“Why am I even doing this?” showcases for the first time also “nude” works from Rasmus’ hand by only showing what lies under the paint and letting the images be exposed.


Rasmus Niclas Rose Nielsen (b.1992) is a Danish artist who fluctuates between different medias and styles but has his main focus on painting.

Since his academic start Rasmus have investigated different types of relations, its semiotics and influences in his practice.

In the last couple of years Rasmus has immersed himself into working with different facets and aspects of a romantic relationship, which still shows in his works.

In his practice Rasmus pulls string to art history, theoretical art principles, and artistic techniques for example classical painterly techniques where he balances these strings and their stories in a mix of subcultures he has been a part of, which come to show in the stylistic choices and material use.

He has studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2014-2017) and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts (2017-2022), where he just graduated his MFA this year.

Rasmus’ works have been exhibited in Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Italy, and Romania.