Karina Faria (f.1993)
British/Brazillian born figurative painter.BFA from Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London.
Karina Martine Faria takes inspiration from her everyday norm, childhood as an immigrant family in England and cinematic memories of a life that surround it all .
Farias painting practice surrounds interpretation of pop culture, movies and moments of significance in her own little world.
A lonley child of the 90’s cinema has been the pallete in which Faria watched the world and emotions unfold.
Faria has been greatly shaped by this and her own story .
Life is like the movies but not necessarily the cool ones. So it has been a strong fascination to interpret life through the lens and paint her own movie stills which express nostalgic memories, curiosities, loss and dreams alike .
Sebastian Jakobsen (f.1996)
Can you try to encapsulate a feeling or a mood?
Is it possible to retain a memory?
What does it mean to be human in a body of flesh and blood, with its many connections through blood vessels and nerve pathways?
Why have we been gifted with this fundamentally odd-looking body?
It is tall and slim. Like a matchstick or a tree trunk towering in the middle of a landscape. With its long limbs, elegantly walking mythically around the world that surrounds at.
The curiosity and fascination of the psyche, the human being and the body as a phenomenon is the focal point of my work.
I see my works as investigations into what I don’t understand, or wonders about why something is the way it is.
I examine certain states of mind or a shape, body part, texture, structure at bottom, from all its sides that give birth to new paths and discoveries.
The work processes may vary from each individual project. it can start out as a theme or a category within something. This is usually the start of a project. A work can start out with a starting point. It can change you along the way for several reasons. For example, a flow, intuition or spontaneous/impulsive inspiration that forms a new framework for the final work.